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Chainguide Instructions

Hey guys,

We are working on instructions and a video at the moment but have been so damn flat out getting your orders out this page isn't done yet sorry!

So here is a quick rundown.

1) start with the bike in middle gear so the chain is straight

2) grab your shiny new guide. just place it over the chainring and see how much spacing you will need for the icsg tabs, also check roughly the height of the guide, loosen the 2 m3 bolts so you can slide the guide up and down and adjust, you want about 4mm between the top of the chain and the guide.

3) Guide is now "eyeballed" roughly in place,

4) Mount the boomerang to the bike. Get the bolts supplied and washers and mount the guide to the ICSG tabs. tighten them up but not too tight yet.

is the guide sitting well in the middle of the chain? go up and down the gears and check for rubbing, adjust spacing if needed.

5) Final height check, you want 4mm gap between the chain and the guide. We suggest getting a 4mm allen key, laying it on the chain then lowering the guide until it touches the allen key.

6) angle/fore/aft check. Depending on your bike you may need to rotate  your guide around to clear chainstays (check under full travel) etc. Best place to start is midway on the ICSG slots. you want to have the chainguide working the best when you are going the fastest, and the chain is the slackest. So have it slammed as far rearward as possible while still making sure it is not rubbing in the big gears.


Any questions please contact us!