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Why Can't I order a chainguide or other non-carbon products with my carbon products?

Actually it is because "Zelvy Carbon" is a different company to "Zelvy Industries".

It is just like you can't order a "Virgin Active" Gym membership with your "Virgin Airlines" plane ticket. 

Bonus is all Zelvy Industries brands ship for free! 

Will the SLACKER Chainguide Fit my bike?

Our chainguide is designed to fit most frames with ICSG05 mounts.

Trial fit the guide first, taking care not to mark or damage it in anyway.

If it does not fit your bike, please contact us and arrange to return it for a full refund.

We will compile a list of any frames our guide does not fit on the chainguide product page.

Where do you ship, and how much is shipping?

We ship to most places around the World for free.

You must simply choose your location using the flag icon in the top right of the browser window. If you do not, we may cancel your order as it will ship from the wrong location and may include local Australian taxes in the price.

There are some places we don't ship though. China, Taiwan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, India being some of these places, sorry! Please check with us first if your country is not listed on our location dropdown.

Our standard shipping is air freight using various courier companies.